Where do I Buy Fabric in Canada


Good day everyone!  Today I thought I would share some of the hidden Canadian gems that I’ve discovered…i.e. Fabric Stores!!  If you live in Canada too, you probably know how difficult it is to sometimes find nice fabric here in the snowy (though, not always snowy) north.  Most cities have a Fabricland or a Fabricville or even a Walmart, that have a general spattering of fabric options.  If you want something of higher quality or more unique, you have to get a bit more creative in your search.

It might be possible that you have a local quilt shop, quite close by, that you had never noticed before.  Ask someone who quilts and they might have some suggestions.  Quilt shops generally carry mostly quilting cotton.  Cotton is a good choice for many sewing projects (see my post on cottons).   As your confidence as a sewist grows, though, you will want to experiment with other garment-specific fabrics as well, such as chambray (think man’s dress shirt) or jersey knits (T-shirt material), for example.

Sometimes you may get a tip of the most awesome shop tucked away in a dingy warehouse somewhere.  You might not have given it a second glance otherwise, but sometimes those places are a treasure trove for the fabric lover!  Sometimes, these places have access to designer workrooms and may buy their left-over fabric.  Ask someone who makes their own clothes, they might be able to give you directions to said location!

Here are a couple of my favourite chain stores which if you live anywhere in Ontario, you might be able to find one near you:

Len’s Mills Stores (a vast array of craft and fabric options…you may need to dig a bit, but there are treasures to be found at great prices!).  These stores are found in most cities in SouthWestern Ontario. Every store has its own atmosphere so you might develop a favourite location (can you tell I’m a regular?).

Fabricland West– Stratford, ON.  Garment sewers beware: they have a wonderful remnant section in the back – left-over pieces from designer work-rooms.  Stratford is also home to the local famous Shakespearean Theatre, the Stratford Festival, which in my opinion, may set this particular store apart in terms of atmosphere and selection.

But if you can not find what you want locally, there are few more good Canadian options online.  Here are a list of ones that I’ve come across, compiled as a pinterest board of on-line Canadian Fabric Stores.


I’ve not tried all of them, but have been following a number of them and they seem to come with a good reviews.  I think my favourite though, is l’Oiseau Fabrics which also has a very active facebook group that you can join.  I’ve yet to purchase from them but I’ve been admiring their beautiful european fabric (think Stenzo, and Ottobre Design) for some time!

If you have any favourites or comments on the list I’ve made, I’d love to hear from you!

Happy Sewing!

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