DIY Thread Rack Tutorial

When you sew, you begin to accumilate more and more coloured thread,with every new project.  For a long time I organized them by lining them up on a picture frame ledge like this one from ikea.  It worked wonderful for my serger threads here.


But, because the sewing machine thread spools are so light, I was forever knocking them over with my hand when I tried to select one from the bunch.  I’ve been admiring the fancy spool racks that many sewists have on their walls, but never wanted for fork out the money for one (and we don’t have a Jo-ann’s near by here in Canada).  The solution to the problem was to make my own, using what I already have.  This process will also work for any wooden shelf that is at least 3/4″ thick.

For this project you will need:

  • Ikea’s Mosslanda picture ledge or any wooden shelf that is at least 3/4″ thick.
  • a drill equipped with a 1/8 ” drill bit
  • 1/8 ” diameter dowels (check the craft section at a local dollar store)
  •  wood glue
  • a measuring tape
  • tissue to wipe up the excess glue
  • a pencil


  1.   First, mark off the positions for your dowels at at least 1 1/2 to 2 inch intervals along the length of the shelf edge with your pencil.



2.  Next drill 1/8″ holes at each of the marked locations, angling the drill down slightly so your pegs will angle up front he shelf edge when they are inserted later.img_3970


3.  If your dowels are too long, snip or break them to the length you want them to be.



4.  Test the dowels and make sure they will fit into the holes.  If some are a bit tight you can re-drill them.  Next put a little bit of wood glue not the cut end of the dowel.  Don’t go crazy with the glue as it will be harder to clean up later.



5.  Insert the glued end of the dowel into the holes.


6.  Clean up the excess with a tissue.



7.  Wait a few minutes for the glue to set and then try out your new spool rack! Enjoy!


Happy Sewing!

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