Re: The Building Block Dress Book by Liesl Gibson- Part 1.


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The Building Block Dress Book by Liesl Gibson of Oliver and S is a real delight!  If you are comfortable with sewing from a pattern, but want to delve into simple pattern alteration or pattern drafting, this book is a wonderful introduction!  I must admit I had never sewn from the Oliver and S patterns, though I’ve admired them many times.  Because I subscribed to the Ottobre magazine, I sewed from there almost exclusively,  But, when I saw the Building Block Book came out, I loved the concept so much, I bought it.

I was not disappointed!  The book is full of coloured photos and illustrations, and laid out in a very logical, straightforward  manner.  It makes for wonderful summer reading and dreaming as well as sewing!

This spring I took the plunge and decided to order fabric from l’oiseau fabrics, a Canadian online fabric shop (did you notice, I said Canadian eh?) that I’ve been watching for a while.  They have a nice selection of European fabric which I love to use for children’s clothes.  One day I saw this oh so cute Amsterdam-inspired knit on their site.   Right away I had a million ideas running through my head at once.  When it arrived in the mail, I was impressed with its feel of quality.  I would definitely order from them again!


A few days ago, I sat down with my sketch book and sketched this for our youngest daughter.


I wanted to use the cute print to its maximum length, thus designed an empire waisted, sleeveless dress that is roomy enough to accommodate a long-sleeved T-shirt underneath once the weather gets colder (after-all, fall is fast approaching isn’t it?).  At the top of the dress, I’m thinking some wine-coloured cotton woven that I had in my cupboard.  Because of the Dutch-looking houses, I thought the pin-striped top of the dress is somewhat reminiscent of traditional dutch dress.

So, hi-oh hi-oh its off to drafting I go…

I’ll let you know how it progresses.  So, until next time!

Happy Sewing

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